Pradeep Kumar Shrestha,
Member, CACCI Executive Committee
Past President, FNCCI

It is an honor and privilege to welcome the distinguished participants in the 26th CACCI conference, a historical event for Nepal, a country with unparalleled natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

In the world economy the balance of power is shifting from the west to the east. The importance of Asia has assumed greater proportions in the aftermath of the recent global downturn. The faster rate of growth in the economies of the Asia pacific region brings in tremendous opportunities along with challenges. CACCI is the best platform to network and synergize our efforts so that the countries of the region can overcome the hurdles and repel the benefits for the overall benefit of the people of the region. The copious human, financial and natural resources in our region can be leveraged in a collective approach in sharing the benefits and to align to our theme "A vision for shared prosperity".

Nepal is a virgin land with ample investment opportunities. Thus, we invite business Captains of our region to harness the opportunity for our mutual benefit and that of our region. Fortunately the year 2012-13 happens to be Nepal Investment year and so the Nepalese government officials and the business leaders are eagerly awaiting for your participation and making your visit fruitful and purposeful.

We have tried our best to make your stay comfortable and the conference productive. We promise you a memorable time and hope this will turn lifetime experience for you to take back home and become a Goodwill ambassador of Nepal in your respective countries.

We greet with a smile, serve with a smile, and bid good bye with a smile, we are a country of smile.