About the Award

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) is the umbrella organization of the private sector of Nepal, representing more than 80% of the industrial and business sectors of Nepal. FNCCI introduced the “National Excellence Award” in the year 2001 to honor business institutions, which have excelled in various aspects of their business. FNCCI has been organizing this event for a number of years and therefore this award has been able to create its own brand image in Nepal.

FNCCI National excellence award will comprise of nine main award categories to help the organization know where they are on the excellence journey and what they need to do to achieve a higher level of performance. They are as follows:

    1. National Excellence (Large)
    2. National Excellence (Medium)
    3. National Excellence (Small)
    4. People Excellence (Large)
    5. People Excellence (Medium)
    6. People Excellence (Small)
    7. Service Excellence (Large)
    8. Service Excellence (Medium)
    9. Service Excellence (Small)

This year besides 9 core awards for Large, medium and small enterprises, FNCCI have introduced another 5 awards, which are as follows:

For these 5 awards, we have created an autonomous Committee that will follow transparent and competitive procedure in selecting, short-listing and choosing the deserving candidate for the award.