Aug 29, 2023
Startup Nation 2030 : Press Release
With a vision to develop Nepal into a green, resilient and prosperous nation in the 21st century and a mission to become the most Startup-friendly nation in South-Asia by 2030, “Startup Nation Conference 2030” was held on 28th and 29thAugust 2023 at Kathmandu. The conference was organized by the consortium of Ministry of Industries, Commerce and Supplies (MOICS), Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI), PUM Netherlands, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), University Grants Commission Nepal (UGC), Antarprerana Pvt. Ltd, and other supporting and technical partners.

Following the huge success of the 1st Conference on Establishing Business Incubators in 2022, the consortium initiated 2nd conference “Startup Nation 2030” for collaboration and commitment.

This transformative two-day conference united international speakers from India, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands. Above 300 participants covering all province and representing Government, academia, technical institute, industry, associations, financial institutions, media, civil society international organizations, ecosystem leasers & enablers, incubators, accelerators, startups, entrepreneurs, students, experts and intrapreneurs had an active participation in the event. 8 thematic and 10 parallel sessions on various topics related to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, startup policy, capital and impact, entrepreneurial mindset and education, trade and internationalization, community-based incubators, climate change, engaging plenaries, interactive workshops, banner presentations, and inspiring startup storytelling were successfully conducted.

Some of the major highlights from the events were as; tools such as Mentimeter, Design Thinking in making startups green were used during the conference. Entrepreneurs and startups representing various province showcased their products and ideas, with ample opportunity of networking and expand the reach of their products and ideas. Spaces for cross learning opportunities about international practices were created, whereas understanding about community-based incubation centers and sharing about the entrepreneurs’ stories around Nepal were made. 

An active discussion on Trade & Internationalization process, opportunities and networks for emerging startups and entrepreneurs were made.Opportunities about open innovation lab and fostering entrepreneurial mindset among educators and students, and a network of community of practice of entrepreneurial educations were formed.

The conference has been a remarkable accomplishment through establishing a tight-knit community of like-minded entities, collectively steering strategies, policy frameworks, and publications that propel the growth of startups. Through collaborative discussions and workshops, critical gaps in resources, partnerships, knowledge, and policies were addressed, fostering a more robust and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The two days conference concluded with the declaration to collaborate together for making Nepal a startup friendly nation by 2030 with the following objectives.
1. Encourage people in Nepal to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, start their own businesses and create a friendly environment for innovative Startups.
2. Promote the adoption of new ideas that can benefit society by developing policies that promote entrepreneurship and technical advancements.
3. Stimulate the creation of 10,000 Startups and 1,00,000 new quality job opportunities by the end of this period.
4. Encourage Nepali to develop an economy that is environmentally friendly, independent, inclusive and resilient by using local resources and talents.

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