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FDI Help Desk

FNCCI in collaboration with the Investment Board Nepal has established a help desk in order to ensure that foreign investors are well-informed about the regulatory requirements and well equipped with market intelligence to venture into Nepal.  The goal is to establish provide tailored services to those who want to bring in investrment into Nepal.  This will ensure that investors are well informed about the policy and processes required to enter the business ecosystem in Nepal and repatriate their investments.

Moreover, the helpdesk will ensure that the investors are better able to navigate Nepal's legislative landscape and are aware of the Returns on Investment in various sectors.  This will ensure they make well-informed decisions about investing in Nepal after carefully considering its policies, visa-related issues, and local context of investments.  They will also have the opportunity to directly work with Nepali businesses in the language of business.

Major functions of the FDI Help Desk :
>> Establish a private-sector led support system for foreign investors looking to invest in Nepal.
>> Provide services related to registration, operation of business, and exit of an industry from a single window operated by the private sector.
>> Help foreign investors in meeting compliance in regards to issues such as investment approval, securing labor permit, visa facility, foreign exchange, environmental compliance, among others.

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