Start up & Innovation फोरम
Name Representing Orgnisation  Contact No. E-mail
Ms. Juna Mathema Executive Committee Member, FNCCI 9851037161 [email protected];
[email protected]
Mr. Niraj Khanal CEO and Co-Founder, Antarprerana 9851131130 [email protected]
Ms. Nivita Pradhan Second Vice President, NYEF 9851039555 [email protected]
Mr. Nirdesh Dwa CEO, inGrails Pvt. Ltd. 9801856402 [email protected]
Ms. Prashanna Basnet CEO, Cotton Mill Nepal 9801039492 [email protected]
Mr. Ranjeev Shrestha Co-founder, Upaya 9802011222 [email protected]
Mr. Satyam Kedia Managing Director, Brij Glass Industries Pvt. Ltd. 9801091111 [email protected]
Ms. Samrajya Shrestha Director, Marigold Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. 9823420989 [email protected]
Mr. Anubhav Shrestha Director, Siddhi Laxmi Steels 9801012626 [email protected]
Mr. Deepak Paneru Treasurer, NEFSCUN 9851082204 [email protected]
Mr. Anup Agrawal EC Member, FNCCI Madhesh Province 9851137927 [email protected]
Mr. Surendra Bohara EC Member, Kailali CCI 9849638020 [email protected]
Mr. Devraj Paneru Principal, Global College of Management 9801904903 [email protected]
Mr. Saroj Kaji Shrestha President, Kavre Yuva Udhyami Forum 9801061910 [email protected]
Mr. Anu Joshi Enterprise and Value Chain Development Specialist, ICIMOD 9851081125 [email protected]
Ms. Dipta Shah Founder, 54i Ventures 9801086582 [email protected]
Mr. Paras Chitrakar Chief Technical Officer, Dave Inc 13106309749 [email protected]

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