Employers' Council (EC)- An Introduction

The Employers' Council is a permanent organ of FNCCI working for the promotion of better industrial relation in Nepal. It is set up to provide varied services to the employers on industrial relation issues including labour law and industrial disputes. It basically aims to promote good industrial relation by maintaining a close relationship with the trade unions and the government. As a forum of employers, it presents unified opinion on labour law and industrial relation issues and organizes various activities on the related topics.


  • To work for the establishment of harmonious industrial relation aiming for high industrial growth
  • To promote competitiveness in the local, national, regional and international market through suitable labour market and labour law reforms
  • To work for the industrial efficiency, higher productivity and more employment generation by developing competent HRM
  • To work for the promotion and protection of legitimate interests of employers
  • To advocate the legitimate interests of the employers in the formulation of policies and making of labour law
  • To represent the employers in the local, regional, national and international forums on industrial relation issues
  • To mobilize employers in achieving the goals of FNCCI
For more information on Employers' Council: http://employers.fncci.org/

Projects currently in operation


1. FNCCI-ILO LIfE Project (7 March-22 July 2018)

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) and the International Labour Organization Nepal have entered into an agreement to cooperate in the implementation of Labour Market Information and Employment Services (LIfE) project in Nepal: Kathmandu, Butwal, Pokhara, Dhangadhi, Janakpur, Biratnagar and Birendranagar with following objectives, Outputs and activities:

Objectives, Outputs and Activities

Objective 1:  Develop a mechanism working on skill development and employment issues within FNCCI and Province FNCCI/ DCCIs

Output 1.1  Established and operationalized Labour Relation & Employment Coordination Cell (LEC) within all 7 province chapters of the FNCCI

Activities 1.1.1
i.    Organise Workshop on Establishment and Operation of LEC
ii.    Office Setup and Human Resource Management
iii.    Organise Planning Workshop on LEC's Programs/Activities Development
iv.    Organise Employers' Meets in different 5 locations (Biratnagar, Janakpur, Kathmandu, Butwal and Dhangadhi)

Objective 2:  Create environment for better youth employment and employment promotion 

Output 2.1  Better youth employment and employment promotion through enhanced and efficient communication between job seekers and potentials employers

Activity 2.1.1  Organise job fair in different 5 locations (Biratnagar, Janakpur, Kathmandu, Butwal and Dhangadhi)

2. Youth Employment and Social Dialogue Project (FNCCI /EC and ILO - ACT/EMP)

  • Youth employment / skills database
  • Promoting social dialogue - workplace cooperation and dispute settlement
  • Publication & Release of a booklet and posters on Workplace Industrial Relations & Social Dialogue
  • Promotion of Youth Entrepreneurship

3.  Mainstreaming Tripartism across the Netherlands/ILO Co-operation Programme (NICP) and Product Development for Employers & Workers Organisations (ACT/EMP - Employers Component : Nepal Project)

  • FNCCI Information and Research Unit
  • Promoting women entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening the capacity of the FNCCI in lobbying & advocacy
  • Strengthening social dialogue mechanisms

4. Developing local capacities for conflict transformation 

This project will support in strengthening the dialogue between private and public sector as well as support the partner organizations in dealing with conflict related issues in their specific activities and regions. 

The German GTZ/INCLUDE program together with FNCCI, ILO and NBI will cooperate towards dthe capacities of their partner organizations in the areas of communication, negotiation, workplace cooperation, conflict management and advocacy. 

5. Youth and small enterprises self employment fund program supported by GTZ /INCLUDE 

The Government of Nepal through the Ministry of Finance has launched a self employment program. This program has been launched to generate self employment through micro and small enterprises particular in the rural areas involving unemployed and underemployed youth. Through coordinated and systematic efforts, the program can contribute to generate employment opportunities especially to the youth. 

FNCCI is the main partner who will be responsible to coordinate together with partner district chambers of commerce all the relevant activities according to this program.




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